Slim Drive | Transparent Overdrive
Slim Drive | Transparent Overdrive

Slim Drive | Transparent Overdrive

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The Slim Drive is a hand made, hand wired, point to point pedal that can be used as a clean
boost or to add a bit of grit as an overdrive. It can be used a slight boost to add sparkle and

 slight overdrive to your tone, or you can add gain to your drive section and/or use it naturally overdrive your tube amp. Crank the gain up and you'll find that the Slim Drive offers a good bit of drive but doesn't top out in the "high gain" category. 

Specifications ::

VOLUME:   Output level. Danger!!! If you value your hearing or your guitar amp. Be careful with the knob. Create a powerful boost for cutting through for Solo's and can also be used to Overdrive your tube amp.

GAIN: Adds the "grit" or drive sound everyones looking for... push the pedal from the Boost category into the Overdrive family.

:: Description ::

:: Point To Point Circuitry ::

:: Custom Super Bright 5mm LED ::

:: 100% Hand Wired ::

:: True Bypass ::

:: Enclosure Measures: 3.64" x 1.52" x 1.06"


Slim Drive | Transparent Overdrive