4 Channel True Bypass Looper
4 Channel True Bypass Looper
4 Channel True Bypass Looper

4 Channel True Bypass Looper

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Custom configure the routing of your signal path. Simplify your board AND improve your tone. Instantly remove noisy or tone draining effect pedals from your signal chain and regain signal strength and clarity. 

Handmade & Handwired using the highest quality products.

Because of the jack placement, I recommend using George L, Lava Tightrope/Mini ELC, (or similar) or Straight jacks. “Pancake” style jacks will not fit.

The following are considered a channel with no additional charge. 

For example: 5 Channels = 3 Bypass Loops + Tuner Mute + Master Bypass
  • True Bypass Looper Channel - Bypass any effect or series of effects from your signal chain.
  • Master Bypass - Completely Bypass ALL Engaged Channels
  • Tap Tempo - External Momentary Control for Time Based Effects (Delay, Tremolo, Reverb, Phrase Loopers) Available in Normally Open or Normally Closed Polarity (Boss) or with a Switch for NO/NC options
  • Tuner Mute - When engaged send signal to Tuner and Kills signal
  • Stutter - Momentarily kills signal when the footswitch is pressed. When released signal returns
  • Kill - Breaks or Kills the signal chain when the Footswitch is engaged until the switch is pressed again.
  • A/B Outputs - Switch between two separate outputs
  • A/B Inputs - Switch between two separate inputs
  • Amp Channel Switch - Can be used for changing amp channels, engaging reverb, tremolo, etc.
Upgrades that require an additional fee:
  • Passive Loop - Send & Return with out a foot switch for Mid-Chain Insert (Most commonly used for Volume Pedal). - $20
  • Trails - Allows for the decay of a effect (delay, reverb) to trail off when bypassing without losing any signal degradation! - $45 (per channel)
  • Clickless Bypass - Soft touch foot switches with true bypass module so no “hard click” - $40 (per channel)
  • Tuner Out - Constant output to tuner (No FootSwitch Needed) - $10
  • Extra 2.1mm 9 Volt Power Pass-Through - Feed power to another pedal - $25
  • Volume - Allows the volume of a channel to be adjusted - $25
  • Blend - Blends wet and dry signal of the channel - $25
  • Buffer - Increases clarity and signal strength - $40
  • Stereo Outputs - Requires Stereo Buffer for Dual Outputs - $40
  • LED Dimmer Control - Adjust the brightness of the LEDs. - $25

LED color options include: Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White, Violet & Yellow

Enclosure Color options include: Hand Distressed Black (Default), White & Silver

All products are built to order, and the wait time is currently 7-14 business days.

Enclosure measures 10" x 2.2" x 1.2"

4 Channel True Bypass Looper
4 Channel True Bypass Looper